How can we assist you?

    Corporate Governance

    The management and supervision of enterprises and the public and semi-public sectors require a professional and proactive attitude. We at Van Doorne want to contribute to corporate governance together with you.

    Changing context

    The frameworks of governance and compliance are always changing, both in a national and an international context. Advice about governance and compliance and the effective implementation, therefore, demand an integrated approach in the course of which various legal areas of expertise are combined with reflection and pragmatism.

    Specialists in management and supervision

    Our multidisciplinary governance team consists of members who specifically focus on management and supervision. Our professionals offer transparent and pragmatic advice about legal structuring, conflicts of interest, shareholders' activism, measures against hostile takeovers, internal and external supervision, remuneration policy, assessment and self-assessment, reporting obligations, reporting and culture & conduct. We can also assist you with legal awareness, compliance, enforcement, risk control to prevent financial losses and name and reputation and liability, if any.

    What we offer

    We offer assistance for internal and external investigations, integrity testing of directors and we guide self-assessment of the board of supervisors. Our international network of prominent lawyer firms forms an addition to the knowledge and expertise of our interdisciplinary governance team.

    More information

    Want to find out about what we can do for you?  Hugo Reumkens can tell you more about this subject.