How can we assist you?

    Cross-border employment

    The business community is subject to rapid internationalisation. International labour mobility is increasing and more and more people work across the border. We at Van Doorne offer multinationals guidance in setting up a European works council and in the relevant negotiations.

    International employment relationships

    More and more employment relationships have an international flavour. You will be confronted with questions about the competent court, applicable law, expats and international secondment, and the social security, fiscal and pension aspects thereof. More and more businesses have to set up a European works council. We have guided many multinationals in setting up such a works council and in the relevant negotiations.

    Full service

    We are a full-service firm, enabling us to immediately engage our specialist colleagues for tax or pension-related issues. You may have questions about, for instance, the 30% scheme, termination benefits for cross-border workers or how a pension scheme from a collective agreement applies to an employee who works abroad.

    The right foreign expert

    If you require knowledge about foreign law, we can, as an independent firm, select the right foreign expert to match your case. This expert always works for a prominent firm with the same extensive legal knowledge and expertise that we have here in the Netherlands. Our participation in a number of global networks of lawyer firms means we can assist you anywhere in the world.

    Contact us

    If you have any questions about national or international employment, please contact Els de Wind without any obligation.