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    Pension Law

    Pension law is a relatively young sector that is constantly in a state of flux: obligations are under pressure, the financial crisis, stricter supervision, far-reaching governance requirements and a mismatch between accrued value and expectations.

    Van Doorne’s experience with pension law

    We have a lot of practical experience with all pension issues that affect employers, such as changes to pension schemes, the position in relation to sectoral pension funds, exemptions, group transfer payments, disputes with pension administrators, procedures about the interpretation of pension commitments and pension regulations, employee participation and the pension aspects of mergers and takeovers.

    Pension funds and insurers

    Our team tackles problems pragmatically and from multiple angles, not forgetting about the non-legal side of the issue and the interests and stakeholders involved. Employers are not the only ones we assist with our knowledge of pension law; we also offer advice to many pension funds, insurers and other players in the pension sector. More information can be found under Pension Services Industry Team.

    More information

    If you have any questions or would like to receive more information on our approach to pension law issues, please contact Sijbren Kuiper.