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    Intellectual Property & Media

    The Van Doorne Intellectual Property & Media team is known for its practical and hands-on advice. The team is thorough, persuasive, and creative.

    The Business of Intellectual Property

    There is an increasing view that business value of companies is shifting to intangible assets. Intellectual property (IP) and trade secret protection are key to benefit from innovation and to stay ahead on competition. The IP team at Van Doorne understands how to make IP work for your company and helps to protect (the exploitation of) innovations, technology, brands, concepts and general content.

    We assist in all phases of protecting, registering, exploiting, advertising and – if necessary – enforcing IP rights. We have a mapping tool that provides a quick insight in the company’s IP/trade secrets assets and key concerns. And we are sparring partner in getting the best contractual and corporate structure for protecting technology within (sometimes complex) organisations.

    Intellectual Property advice and litigation

    We have a strong track record in IP, advertising, trade secret and unfair competition advice and litigation. We focus on traditional 'soft' IP matters involving trademarks, copyrights and domain names and are also frequently engaged in matters regarding patents, know-how and life sciences. The team handles IP matters in all areas, such as in commercial relationships, on online platforms, in R&D environments, in retail and consumer goods, in media, entertainment and sports, health care, product labelling and all sorts of advertising and offline and online communications. Our team has a proven ability to act exceptionally quickly, including in initiating or defending litigation matters, whenever necessary. This is especially convenient in cases concerning counterfeit or (undesired) media attention or libel, where timing usually is of the essence.


    We represent both disruptive and traditional media companies in facing the legal challenges that come with the ever changing media and tech landscape and we provide legal assistance to clients dealing with media attention.

    We can help you with

    • Intellectual Property and Media disputes
    • Commercial Intellectual Property and IP Portfolio protection
    • Technology and Knowhow protection and transfer
    • (Online) Advertising, Sponsoring, Publicity, Gaming, Sports
    • Product Law

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