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    Environmental law

    The way in which our physical living environment is organised is determined by environmental law which is constantly moving, especially with the imminent implementation of the Environment and Planning Act [Omgevingswet]. Knowledge of environmental law is required if you want a spatial project to succeed.

    Organisation of living environment, spatial planning & the environment

    The organisation of the limited space available certainly is no picnic. You need to constantly weigh up interests against each other and decisions need to be made. Developers and authorities tend to play it safe in that respect.

    The substantiation of spatial decisions is subject to strict requirements. How will a development affect the space around it? Is there a need for the intended function? And how does it affect traffic flow, air quality, flora and fauna, demand for parking space and safety contours?

    From plan to completion

    Our lawyers, civil-law notaries and tax consultants assist our clients during all stages of a project, from plan to completion. The physical living environment is largely determined by environmental aspects, which is why spatial planning and environmental law are so closely entwined. We have specialists in both areas.

    Regardless of who we represent, our administrative law lawyers will sit around the table with everyone involved in as early as the preparatory stage. This particular stage is ideal to coordinate the interests of the authorities, the developer and local residents. Experience has taught us that early involvement of our lawyers will prevent legal proceedings. And ultimately, that will benefit all of us.

    More information

    For private clients, our specialists will provide a solid spatial substantiation for the plans in consultation with the competent authorities. For authorities, our specialists often act as a highly valued sparring partner.

    If you want to find out about what we can do for you, please contact Cees Kniestedt without any obligation.