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    Financial Institutions

    Financial institutions are living in challenging times. New market entrants challenge existing business models. Financial regulation is expanding and becoming ever more complex. Reliable legal advice and support is required to deal with these challenges effectively.

    Where the buck stops

    Van Doorne has a long standing finance, insurance and pension practice. We act for financial institutions as regards finance transactions, insurance claims and dispute and corporate transactions involving financial institutions. This provides us with inside knowledge of the markets and developments in the sector.

    Our team knows where the buck stops in the financial industry, and what its (legal) needs are. The team comprises specialists with experience with and knowledge of complex financial transactions and products, insurance, pensions and payment services. In addition, lawyers specializing in data protection and IT are an integral part of the team. This combination enables us to offer our clients the best service.

    Working with regulators

    Technical innovations offer opportunities, but come with threats and complex regulatory questions. We help our clients to develop new business models. Our standing relationships with financial regulators enables us to work with regulators rather than against them.  

    Supervision by regulators becomes increasingly tight. Van Doorne has in-depth knowledge of financial legislation. In addition we have a wealth of experience in responding to (administrative) sanctions. This enables us to help our clients to effectively respond to issues raised by financial regulators and handle enforcement measures.

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