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    Technology, Media & Telecom

    The digital transformation and consolidation in the media and technology sectors have caused an unprecedented stir in the market. Van Doorne understands how to properly regulate the legal controllability within these constantly blurring boundaries of media and technology.

    Blurring boundaries

    Together with the multidisciplinary team of experts from the Corporate, ICT, IP & Digital Media and Employment Law departments, our Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) team deals with the consequences of the digital transformation within the media and technology sectors on a daily basis.

    In the playing field of the blurring boundaries within these sectors, mergers, takeovers and all sorts of other joint ventures make it increasingly complex to determine what is possible, allowed and, above all, required in order to stay within the legal frameworks.

    Transaction processes

    We offer assistance during the preliminary and subsequent stages of transactions within the TMT domain. This may concern various forms of joint ventures (mergers, takeovers, content joint ventures, etc.) but also demergers for which all kinds of post-transaction matter need to be arranged.

    Naturally, matters such as IP (access), compliance, competition and contracts also play a role in connection with this trend, while privacy legislation and big data pose challenges as well. In a fast-changing sector, it is comforting to know that our experts have ample of practical experience in order to give you good and expert advice, fast.

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    We look forward to hearing from you so we can exchange ideas about current issues and the developments at your organisation. You can contact Jeroen Sombezki or one of the other TMT experts.