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    The dedicated Van Doorne Hydrogen team recognizes the importance that hydrogen will play in the near future. The members of the Van Doorne Hydrogen team can guide you through all the phases of your hydrogen project; from the early start of your project all the way through to the full implementation. We understand the complexity and the challenges of a green field project

    Currently hydrogen is not (yet) regulated, however going forward this may change. At the moment it is completely unclear what regulatory framework (under energy law) will be applicable to hydrogen. The government might put rules in place for network management, (third party) access and network tariffs.

    Collaboration in hydrogen projects is key    

    Without exception, collaboration between parties (public and private) in hydrogen projects is key. The parameters for this collaboration are set during the first phase of a project and are reflected in joint venture agreements and concession models. In this respect, regulatory limitations, tendering issues, spatial planning, engineering and construction arrangements, state aid and financial issues need to be identified and resolved. Subsequently, agreements must be made regarding source exploitation, grid management , supply, storage and offtake. Each of these issues has its own dynamics and requires close cooperation and coordination, taking into account potential carbon costs, applicable tax credits and subsidy schemes.

    Need to invest in environmental protection and energy

    There is general support for projects with a sustainability goal. This is illustrated by guidelines of the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets which seek to create more room for competitors to cooperate in achieving environmental goals. The state aid rules also recognize the need for states to invest in environmental protection and energy.

    Hydrogen and complex infrastructure projects

    Our multi-disciplinary team uses its knowledge of industry standards and sectoral regulations and provides a full-service approach in assisting clients with innovative and complex infrastructure projects. We have extensive know-how in all legal areas that are necessary to realize your hydrogen project. The members of our Hydrogen team have many years of experience in the field of energy law regulation and energy contracting, in renewable energy project development, in carbon capture and carbon storage and in (gas) pipeline development. Furthermore we have a proven track record in environmental permitting, spatial planning, finance, taxation, transactional, state aid and construction agreements in connection with infrastructure projects.

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